What are Dental Implants ?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed directly into one’s tooth root after a tooth has gone missing or has been extracted. They serve as a strong and lasting foundation beneath the gum line upon which a full set of permanent or removable prosthetic teeth, bridge or single tooth will be placed.

There are three types of dental implants:

    • The root implant
    • The plate form implant
    • The subperiosteal implant

Root implants

are the most popular of the three, and by far the most effective because it mirrors the size and shape of a patient’s natural tooth. This type of implant is often as strong as an original healthy tooth. The implant or artificial root is placed into the jawbone under local anesthesia, then allowed to heal and integrate with the bone. Once the healing process is completed and the jawbone is attached to the implant, you will need to come to your office for a follow up appointment so one of our dentists can fit the implant with a new tooth. This process can take anywhere from three to eight months.

The plate form implant

is ideal in situations where the jawbone is not wide enough to properly support a root implant. The plate form implant is long and thin and anchors into thin jawbones. Our cosmetic dentist inserts it the same way as the root implant. In some cases, the plate form implant is immediately fitted with the restoration tooth without waiting for the healing process to culminate.

Subperiosteal implants

are used when the jawbone has receded to the point where it can no longer support an implant.



The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have many benefits but the best is peace of mind.

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    Enhanced Appearance

    Dental implants provide a foundation for custom prosthetic teeth that look and feel just like your natural teeth and are designed with your distinct smile, tooth coloration, shape and size in mind to give you a permanent, attractive and natural-looking smile.

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    Can Last a Lifetime

    With proper care, including daily brushing and flossing and regular visits to your dentist for exams and teeth cleanings, these permanent tooth replacement solutions can last a lifetime.

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    More Convenient

    Unlike removable dentures, these dental prosthetics require no special care, such as avoidance of certain foods, overnight soaking, constant fittings and adjustments, or the application of messy adhesives. They are a permanent, lasting tooth replacement solution and can be cared for just like your natural teeth.

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    Better Oral Health

    In addition to enhancing one’s facial appearance and dental function, they can actually stop the advancement of gum disease and tissue deterioration by stimulating the gum and bone tissue beneath the gum line.

If You Think Dental Implants Are Expensive, Think Again!

We'll work with you to determine a payment plan that makes dental implants affordable for you!

The Dental Implant Placement Process

The first step in getting the smile you deserve is to contact San Diego Dental Implants & Orhodontics for your initial consultation where we will go over your dental history, conduct a routine oral exam, and take 3D CT scans of your mouth to assess the progression of gum and bone loss and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

  • Do you need Bone Grafting?
  • Do you need a Sinus Lift ?
  • Do you need Sinus Augmentation ?
  • Do you need Ridge Preservation?

Once this evaluation is complete and you are qualified as a candidate, we will schedule your surgical appointment, where the small titanium posts will be surgically implanted directly into your gums and jawbone under a local anesthetic, then re-covered and left to heal.

Over the next few months, these posts will gradually fuse to the bone and gum tissue, providing a strong foundation upon which your permanent teeth will be placed. If the implants are placed in a visible location in one’s mouth, such as in the front, we will put a temporary prosthetic in place in the interim while your custom prosthetics are being created.

Once your implants have had sufficient time to bond with the gums and bone, your custom prosthetic teeth will be attached to your dental implants using a small abutment.

Upon placement, you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of your new teeth immediately.

Dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement solution for those with missing or failing teeth. Whether you are in need of a single tooth replacement or a full set of teeth to be replaced, contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation with us.

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