The Basics of Gum Recession?

Gum recession is a reasonably severe dental and medical condition. In it, soft tissue has pulled away from the surface of the tooth due to some stimulus. When gums recede, they slowly shift down the length of the root, unveiling and exposing the particular portion of the tooth or teeth.

Gum recession is common to find in people. Its presence indicates an underlying cause that needs attention from an experienced professional who has treated multiple patients. Dr. Jay Akef has over twenty years of experience in diagnosing core triggering factors and treating gum recession in patients residing in San Diego, CA.

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The The Pinhole Surgical Technique™  Repairs Gum Recession.
Without Grafting.

How Do I Check If I Have Gum Recession?

Ideally, gum recession should be diagnosed by skilled dental professionals such as Dr. Akef. But before you approach a professional dentist, you can easily identify a few characteristics that hint at the presence of the condition. There may be gum recession if you experience or notice one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Appearance Of Elongated Teeth
  • Sensitivity Of Tooth
  • Tooth Surface That’s Darkened Near The Gum Line
  • Spaces Between The Teeth Of Triangular Nature
  • Dent Or Notch Near The Gum Line

After the gum tissues recede, they will not return to their usual positions on their own. And if there are any issues or doubt related to gum recession, you should consult with Dr. Akef.

Why You Should Take Receding Gum Tissue Seriously

When the root surfaces of the tooth are exposed to an oral environment caused by receding gum tissue, they are at a much higher risk of developing tooth decay and sustaining damage. The root part of the tooth structure is softer as compared to those protected by enamel. The enamel covers the visible portion of the tooth or the crown. Receding tissues lead to loss of protection for the tooth from negative elements such as toothbrush abrasion, bacteria, and other factors that may inflict damage upon the soft and delicate root surface. Recession can also trigger tooth loss in severe cases. Even if you don’t feel tooth sensitivity, esthetic concerns come into play and may demonstrate the presence of gum recession. For more information on dealing with receding gums in San Diego, CA, get in touch with our office today to request an appointment with Dr. Jay Akef.