Oral Health Affects Your Body

Gum disease may be an oral infection, but the full consequences of this progressive condition go beyond that of gum tissues, the teeth, and supporting jawbone. The dangers of gum disease are far-reaching—affecting other bodily systems and organs on which we rely to keep us active and healthy. Substantial research over the years indicates a relationship between gum disease and systemic health effects—a medical association that Dr. Jay Akef gives much importance.

Heal The Mouth, Enhance Overall Health

The fact that a healthy mouth is a great enabler of a healthy body, and vice versa, is undeniable. Well-maintained teeth and eating capabilities help in natural intake of nourishing foods full of essential minerals and vitamins for cardiac, brain, and other organ functions. But this vital relationship between periodontal disease and systemic health is usually not recognized or understood by many people and patients. In his practice, Dr. Akef stresses on educating patients about this powerful and defining relationship. It helps in a precise identification and treatment of periodontal infection, which improves overall systemic health.

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Effects Of Gum Disease On The Body

It is crucial to know how gum disease affects different parts of the body to understand the full scope of the dangers of gum disease. Here’s a list of bodily systems that can seriously get impacted by the presence of gum disease in the mouth:

  • Cardiac Health:  People Having Gum Disease Are At Least Seven Times More Likely To Experience A Heart Attack.
  • Diabetes:  Severity Of Periodontal Disease Is Affected By Blood Sugar Levels And The Degree Of Periodontal Infection Impacts Regulation Of Blood Sugar In The Body. Both Periodontal Disease And Diabetes Must Be Strictly Controlled To Keep The Other Under Control.
  • Certain Cancers: In Some Patients Head, Neck And Pancreatic Cancers Exhibit A Relationship With Periodontal Infection.
  • Stroke: Periodontal Disease-Causing Bacteria Have Been Found In Arterial Blockages Causing Cardiac Events And Stroke.
  • Certain Cancers: Pancreatic, head and neck cancers seem to exhibit a relationship with periodontal infection in some patients.
  • Memory Problems: Research Shows That Those With Gum Disease Have A Higher Probability For Memory Loss And Dementia.
  • Birthing And Fetal Health: Periodontal Disease Increases The Chance Of Premature Delivery And Low Birth Weight Infants.

Bacteria slip into the bloodstream through small wounds in the gum tissue and move to other areas of the body, dwelling in the tissues and generating harmful effects. Reducing the generation of bacterial colonies in the mouth through treatment minimizes gum disease effects on the body.

Dr. Jay Akef is a highly experienced dental expert in dealing with the dangers of gum disease and the resulting systemic health effects. To find out if your oral and overall health is at risk due to periodontal infection, get in touch with our San Diego, CA office today to plan your dental consultation.