Gum Recession TreatmentYou May Have Symptoms of Recession

Are you experiencing signs of gum recession such as root decay, tooth sensitivity, or even loose teeth? Receding gum tissues is an oral health care problem. It can have a significant effect on the future and, of course, current aesthetics of your smile. The condition of gum recession arises when causative factors lead to the soft tissues pulling away from the exterior of the teeth, and sinking down the root.

Gum Recession Can Be Treated Through  The Pinhole Surgical Technique™. Without Grafting.

Early Diagnosis Maintains Oral Health

The key to maintaining and achieving healthy gums, teeth, and jaw bone is to recognize, as early as possible, the most important factors causing gum recession. Once the condition is pronounced, however, planning the future course of action with proper treatment is crucial to the long-term health of these oral structures. To aid suffering patients, diagnosed with gum recession, and to maintain their healthy, vibrant smile, dentist Dr. Jay Akef offers his expertise in successfully executing periodontal procedures in our San Diego, CA.

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Untreated Gum Recession Has Serious Risks

It’s natural to ask why treating gum recession is so crucial to one’s all-round oral health— especially if you don’t have any discomfort or pain associated with the condition. Lack of a disabling symptom does not mean there’s no underlying problem. Therefore, prevention is the key in gum recession cases. Returning receding tissues to a healthier state reduces the risks of developing other oral complications arising from exposed root surfaces. The risks are mentioned below:

  • Restorative Treatment Due To Damage Or Root Surface Decay
  • Daily Discomfort Arising From Tooth Sensitivity (Especially To Cold And Hot Drinks And Food)
  • Chronic Periodontal Disease And Bone Loss
  • Esthetic Apprehension Related To Long Teeth, Root Discoloration, And Darks Spaces Between Teeth
  • Loose Teeth And Tooth Loss

Targeting the core cause is as important as the treatment as such while dealing with the medical condition of gum recession. It’s important to rid the body of negative stimuli that may trigger gum recession. Controlling lifestyle habits such as smoking allows for better treating periodontal disease in patients. To reverse the delicate soft tissues, regular dental cleaning, improved homecare techniques, and regular dentist visits form the backbone of any oral health care plan. Taking the initiative, while managing a periodontal disease, ensures healthy gums, teeth, and bone.

Aided by his vast experience, Dr. Jay Akef offers gum recession treatment through both advanced and traditional procedures. To find out if you require gum recession treatment, contact our San Diego, CA office today and schedule a personalized consultation.