Dr. Jay Akef's Formidable Experience In Tackling Complex Periodontal, Implant Cases

Complex procedures and surgery for treating dental conditions such as tooth loss, aggressive periodontitis, advanced Gingivitis, and systemic disease, requires a steady hand that’s seen it all. Experience and specialization in handling difficult and sensitive procedures such as periodontal surgery is the number one reason why Dr. Jay Akef’s patients often tell him that they preferred him to other dentists and clinics. Their confidence in him rests on the fact that he has successfully placed over 12,000 dental implants and performed more than 23,000 advanced surgical procedures in more than 27 and counting years as a highly qualified dentist. With an enviable success rate for treating complicated periodontal cases and dental implants, and the desire to put patient satisfaction foremost—Dr. Akef is one of San Diego’s top periodontal surgeon and dental implant specialists.

Periodontal Surgeons Have Many Favorable Deciding Factors Vs. Typical Dental Implant Clinics

  • Experts In Hard And Soft Tissue
  • Skill In Saving Your Natural Teeth And Also Place Implants
  • Expertise In Maximizing Aesthetics While Treating Gum Recession
  • Capability In Working With Multiple Restorative Experts Subject To The Complexity Of The Case

"Dr. Akef is an excellent technician. He treated my periodontal disease successfully and completed 3 dental implants including bone grafts because I did not have sufficient bone for the dental implants. I am happy with the results and have referred him to family members." - Mike Cummings

Dr. Jay Akef: Seasoned Periodontal Surgeon Specialist

And A Leader In Implant Placement In SAN DIEGO

  • Placement Of More Than 12,000 Implants
  • Serving Patients From Around The World Through An Established Practice
  • Highest Standard Of Care Offered
  • Advanced, Minimally Invasive Surgical Technology Reduces Pain, Recovery Time
  • Guided Placement Through Advanced 3D Imaging Maximizes Long Term Implant Success Rate
  • Cutting-Edge Facility
  • Flexible Financial Options Offered For Affordable Care


Don’t Be Misled And Enticed By Large Implant Centers

  • They Use The Approach Of “One Size Fits All”
  • Doctors Treating Patients Are Forever Coming And Going
  • Impersonal, Profit Focused Environment
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    Little To No Replacement Or Repair Needed

    No Maintenance Required In Dental Implants Vs. Traditional Tooth Replacement Methods.

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    Dental Implants Can Last Lifelong

    With Home Care And Appropriate Maintenance Dental Implants Can Last Long.

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    No More Dentures or Bridges

    With A Stable Bite, You Can Speak Confidently With A Beautiful Smile.

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    Surrounding Teeth Are Not Damaged

    Healthy Adjacent Teeth Around Dental Implants Don’t Need To Be Filed Down.

  • Quality Of Dentist’s Experience Decides Success or Failure Of Your Implant

    Studies support Dr. Akef’s emphasis on the value of practical know-how. The latest research suggests that experience is a critical factor when choosing the dentist to perform your implant. In fact, the experience and skill of the doctor are one of the primary considerations impacting the success or failure of your implant procedure.

    A study carried out at the Center for Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University’s School of Dentistry found that among inexperienced clinicians implant failure was higher. Another study, “Reasons for Failures of Oral Implants,” concluded that “inexperienced surgeons inserting the implants” increased probability of implant failure. Dentists who lack quality experience or consider dental implants as an “also business” are detrimental to your oral and general health.

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