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gum disease
Tissue Graft

A common complaint in gum recession is exposure of root surfaces. If you have recessed gums, Dr. Akef can set them to a more natural shape and function. Gum recession’s leading causes are tooth grinding, infection, and sometimes over-aggressive toothbrush use by patients

Patients are advised to get tissue grafts to prevent further gum recession and loss of bone. The grafting can sometimes be used to cover sensitive or exposed root surfaces. We do this procedure in our San Diego office, and usually, the recovery time is short.

Pocket Elimination Surgery

A serious consequence of advanced periodontal disease is the formation of deep pockets between your teeth and gums. Often, they can’t be treated with regular non-surgical therapy. It’s at this point that the doctor may suggest a surgical procedure.

But the more a patient waits to treat deep periodontal disease, the more bacteria increases inside the resistant pockets. At our clinic, we feel it’s more efficient to begin with non-surgical treatment, and after six months to a year, decide on the areas that require surgical treatment. It’s imperative not to allow worsening of bone loss in patients as it increases the treatment time.

In pocket elimination surgery, the gum tissue is folded back, and the affected tissue is taken out along with the accompanying bacteria. The tissue is then placed back at a new level to allow patients to keep the area hygienic after the procedure.

The visible result of surgery is improved oral health environment, which lets you clean and maintain your teeth properly. This prevents further damage and significantly increases the chances of retaining your natural teeth in the long-term.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

If your tooth is broken below or near the gum line or broken, there’s a possibility that there’s not sufficient tooth structure to restore your tooth. If the doctor decides that a long-term prognosis is in order, he will suggest a crown-lengthening procedure. During this surgical procedure, the level of the gum and bone are adjusted properly, exposing more teeth—allowing the doctor to restore your tooth to its normal functionality and form.

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