What are Implant Supported Dentures?

Dentures can be an excellent tooth replacement solution for anyone missing some or all of their teeth, but they can sometimes be uncomfortable or slippery in one’s mouth. To remedy these issues, implant supported dentures may be used to anchor your dentures in place firmly and comfortably.

Types of implant supported dentures

Implant supported dentures come in two different types: bar-retained and ball-retained, each with its own unique function and benefits.

To place bar-retained dentures, three or more dental implants are surgically inserted into the gums. A thin metal bar is then attached to the implants running the length of the gum line. This metal bar is used to clip the implant supported denture in place.

Ball retained dentures, on the other hand, utilize a ball and socket mechanism to attach the denture in place. The dental implants are topped with a small steel ball and the denture is fitted with sockets, which snap in place together.

Both bar and ball retained dentures are more secure, making it less likely for your dentures to become loose or accidentally slip out of place. In addition to the added security, implant supported dentures alleviate much of the rubbing and discomfort that can come from traditional dentures and weigh less heavily on the gums.

Dr. Akef Can Help You With Implant Supported Dentures

Benefits of implant supported dentures over traditional dentures

Traditional dentures tend to be cumbersome, uncomfortable and inconvenient. Unlike natural teeth, conventional dentures are not anchored by a tooth’s root, which increases the likelihood that they will slip out of place. Further, the lack of stimulation to one’s gums and jaw can actually accelerate the deterioration of gum and bone tissue, causing your gums and jaw to dissolve and your lower facial features to sag.

Dental Implants not only prevents slippage, but they also stimulates the gum and bone tissue beneath the gum line, promoting growth and providing a sturdier foundation upon which your implant supported dentures are placed.

Implant supported dentures combine the benefits of dentures and dental implants to help any denture wearer live a life without pain, embarrassment or discomfort.

If you are currently wearing conventional dentures and have problems with slippage or discomfort, visit our office today to see if implant supported dentures are the right fix for you.